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WiFi - give yourself some time back

Being on the road shouldn’t mean being out of touch. Or bored. Or behind.

With free 4G WiFi on board all of our buses, you can make the most of your journey and have a blast online without eating in to your data.

What buses currently offer free WiFi?

Kinchbus 2 | Kinchbus 9 | skylink Derby | skylink Nottingham | sprint



 how does it work?

Just head to your connectivity settings on your device – or wait for the WiFi selection options to pop up. Look for the name of the brand you are using, tick you agree to our terms – and away you go. There’s no fuss or complicated forms to fill in. 


 get the most from our free WiFi

Even though our WiFi is completely free, it does have a daily cap. But don’t worry, it's more than enough to keep up to speed on social media, watch a few epic fail videos on YouTube or even, if you must, catch up with your work emails. 

See our FAQs below for more help and advice with our caps. 


FAQ section


What are the caps?

Every day you'll have 100MB of free WiFi data to use on each of our brands. So for example, if you get on a skylink Derby bus you'll have 100MB to use, if you then hopped on a sprint in the same day you'll have an additional 100MB of WiFi data. This will apply to any Kinchbus bus.


I've hit my cap, now what?

Don't worry, our caps reset at midnight every day so you'll be able to connect as normal the following day.

How can I avoid hitting the cap?

If you stream videos, make sure you set it to stream in a lower quality, on a mobile device you probably won't notice the difference in quality using 480p or 720p compared to HD but your data allowence will go much further.
Avoid downloading or streaming high quality music.
Set apps to not auto download, on some devices they start by default updating over WiFi as soon as they join (you will still be notified when there is an update available).
Avoid having too many apps open, especially data eating ones. Sometimes they can use your data even in the background.