Sorry, no service except a Sunday service will run on skylink Derby, with the following exceptions:

skylink Derby

The following journeys will not operate on Boxing Day morning:

11.55pm, 12.55am, 1.55am, 2.55am and 3.55am Leicester – Derby

12.25am, 1.25am, 2.25am, 3.25am and 4.25am Derby – Leicester

The 5.25am Derby – Leicester journey will start from Loughborough 3M at 6.28am.

The 4.55am and 5.55am Leicester – Derby journeys will start from Loughborough High Street at 5.20am and 6.20am.


First buses:

From Leicester: 4.25am, 5.25am, 6.20am

From Derby: 4.55am, 5.55am

From Loughborough to Derby: 3.50am, 4.50am, 5.20am, 5.50am, 6.20am

From Loughborough 3M to Leicester: 3.50am, 4.50am, 5.45am, 5.58am, 6.28am


Then a normal Sunday service will operate (buses will depart from Derby Morledge Stop C1 when Derby Bus Station is closed)

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