Details about becoming a driving team member with Kinchbus

Who are we?

Kinchbus has been serving Loughborough and it's residents for over 30 years. We’re well renowned for providing a friendly, local and reliable service. We have a passion for delivering the highest of standards for our customers and we’re continually re-investing to ensure we stay up-to-date and ahead of the curve.

We now carry over 3.5 million customers every year to Loughborough, Leicester, Derby and Nottingham with more than 30 vehicles and a 90 strong team.

What do we offer?

For the "right" people:
A comprehensive training package, which takes you through the PCV test and gives you an introduction into our expectations of provision for our Customers, leading to a position as part of one of our dedicated driving teams.

Who are the "right" people?

Not everyone can meet our standards and become a Driver with one of our teams. We are particularly looking for people who are new to the bus industry-individuals who actively like working with people.

As a minimum, some of the things you will need to be, include:
A good communicator, enthusiastic, flexible, friendly, honest, a sense of humour, literate, numerate, reliable, responsible, willing and able to work unsocial hours.
You’ll also need: A full, car licence, with at least 12 months driving experience

It will also help if you have:
Your own transport (unless you live within walking-distance of one of our depots).

What does the "job" involve?

Working with us revolves around meeting the needs of our Customers - without them there are no jobs.

We offer full-time contracts with a minimum of 39 hours weekly work

Many of our buses run over the full 7 days of the week, starting from very early in the morning and running through until after midnight.

To staff our buses involves having people work shifts which can be; (as a rough guide)

"earlies" - starting before 7am and working through until after lunch
"days" - around breakfast time through til around tea-time
"lates" - before tea-time, through till around, or after midnight

What are the benefits?

A worthwhile job, working on your own initiative, helping our Customers. The satisfaction of working for a well-respected industry leader. Competitive wages and conditions. Travel concessions for you and your partner on our buses. Free, smart uniform.

What does the training involve?

Our training is tailor-made to ensure the highest standards.

It takes around 4 – 6 weeks with our professional Instructors to achieve the standard needed to be awarded a PCV licence

Once you have learned how to safely handle a bus, you then start on Customer Care skills, learning the routes you will be operating on, as well as Ticket machine and Cash-handling training along with a full grounding in our procedures. (Although, if you are the "right" person, you’ll already know that improving and honing your Customer Care skills is a life-long pursuit).

Because our training is comprehensive, it is a condition of employment with us that, if you leave us during the first two years, to work for another bus company, you undertake to repay us, on a sliding scale, a contribution towards the cost of your training.

As we say then, not everyone can be a Driver with our Team.

If you feel that what you have read above applies and appeals to you, then you may be just what we are looking for.

We look forward to meeting you!

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