The “Company” shall mean Kinchbus Limited, or any other trading name.

The Company expects to maintain its registered services but reserves the right, without previous notice to the public temporarily or permanently, to alter, suspend, withdraw, cancel or deviate the route on any vehicle or service, or alter all or any of the advertised times of the journeys. The Company give further notice that they do not undertake, nor are they by the publication or display of this or any timetable, booklet, leaflet, handbill, advertisements, destination notice or other notice or ticket, to be deemed to offer or undertake that their vehicles shall depart or arrive at the times of places advertised, or at all, or that any connection shall be maintained, or that there shall be accommodation available upon any vehicle, or that any vehicle shall stop when called upon to do so by any person. The Company will not be liable for any loss, damage, injury or inconvenience which may be sustained by any person through the alteration or departure or arrival times, or through the alteration, suspension, or withdrawal, cancellation or deviation of any vehicle or service through the failure of any vehicle to perform its journey, or to stop when called upon to do so, or to depart or arrive at times advertised, or at all, or through any lack of accommodation, detention, delay, early running or want of punctuality, or through the display of any incorrect or misleading destination notice. Passengers must not lean out of windows and may only alight and board the vehicle when it has stopped to pick up or set down passengers.


Passengers boarding a vehicle between fare stages will be charged from the previous fare stage. Passengers alighting between fare stages will be charged to the fare stage beyond. Passengers are liable to pay for the journey the fare set out in the Company’s official faretables and to pay the same to the driver whether or not payment is requested.


Tickets are not deemed to be transferable between routes unless otherwise advertised. Tickets must be retained and shown on demand or the full fare paid for which there will be no refund. Return tickets must be tendered to the driver for exchange or cancellation on the return journey. The Company will not accept defaced or mutilated tickets; neither will any application for refund be considered in connection with such tickets or with lost, stolen or destroyed tickets. Tickets are generally not valid for broken journeys except where specifically so provided and in the case of through tickets where it is necessary for passengers to change at connecting points from one vehicle to another to complete their journey. Except when otherwise stated in connection with certain specified routes, passengers using such through tickets must complete the journey on the date on which it is commenced.

return fares

Return fares are available on specific routes and unless otherwise specified are valid on the day of issue only for two journeys between points as specified. No refund will be made on unused portions of return tickets. The issue of a return ticket is not to be regarded as giving rise to any offer, contract or undertaking that any vehicle of the company will run at any time, or at all, or that there should be accommodation on any vehicle and such tickets re issued and accepted subject to all the conditions set out herein.

interavailability of tickets

In certain cases arrangements have been made by which tickets issued by the Company are available for travel with other Public Transport undertakings and the acceptance of a ticket carrying with it such an arrangement or arrangements is to be taken as evidence of an agreement between a passenger and the Company whereby the Company are not under any circumstance responsible for delay, loss or injury howsoever caused to the passenger or property of a passenger whilst travelling in or entering or alighting from a vehicle operated by a person or body other than the Company.


Small dogs may be carried by theirs owners at the owners risk. A fare will be charged. Dogs accompanying blind persons for the purpose of guidance are carried free of charge. No dogs are allowed on seats. The Company reserves the right to refuse to carry any dog.

passenger's luggage

One suitcase or single package of reasonable dimensions (if such suitcase or package does not occupy or in the opinion of the driver interfere with the occupation of a seat) may be carried free for each fare paying passenger upon the vehicle in which the passenger travels. Bicycles, prams, large pushchairs, livestock (with the exception of small dogs as provided above) or luggage, parcels or packages which the Company considers bulky or excessive may not be carried. Small folding pushchairs may be carried free provided that, in the driver’s opinion, they will not interfere with passenger’s comfort and/or safety. The Company reserves the right to refuse to carry any pushchair. Any such luggage as is mentioned above and any possessions carried on the passenger’s person will be accepted for carriage only at the owner’s risk and the Company shall have no responsibility for the loss, wrong delivery or destination or detention of or for any delay or damage to any luggage or possessions so accepted whether caused by the negligence of the Company, their servants or agents or howsoever otherwise caused. No such loss, wrong delivery, detention, delay or damage shall amount to a breach of contract by the Company. No passenger may take on the Company`s vehicles any article or material of an explosive, corrosive, combustible, offensive or dangerous nature or which may be the source of inconvenience or nuisance to other passengers or which the driver considers likely to affect the cleanliness or tidiness of the vehicle.

musical instruments

The playing of musical instruments or audio equipment by passengers on the Company’s vehicles is forbidden.

conduct of passengers

Passenger’s attention is drawn to current legislation, including the Public Service Vehicles (conduct of Drivers, Inspectors, Conductors and Passengers) Regulations issued by the Secretary of State for Transport, which is observed on the Company’s vehicles. Any passenger in or on a vehicle who is reasonably suspected by the driver of contravening these Regulations shall give his/her name and address to a police officer or to the driver on demand and may be removed from the vehicle. Any contravention of these regulations may result in a fine.

lost property

Any passenger leaving property on a vehicle of the Company should report the loss to one of the Company’s offices, without delay, in each case giving full particulars of the property in question. The following information embodied in the Public Services Vehicles (Lost Property) Regulations 1978 as subsequently amended – should be carefully noted:- a) Any person who finds property accidentally left on a bus shall immediately hand it in, in the state in which it is found, to the driver or deliver it to one of the Company’s offices. b) Where any property is forwarded to a claimant, all costs of packing and carriage reasonably incurred, shall be paid to the Company by the claimant in advance. c) The Company may dispose of unclaimed property:- i. After 48 hours in the case of perishable property (or sooner if the property becomes objectionable), including livestock ii. After one month in the case of all other property.

smoking policy

Smoking is prohibited on all Company vehicles.

regulations and conditions for excursions

a) Bookings: Seats for excursions which may be advertised under a variety of brand names may be booked in advance either personal at the Company’s offices, the offices or premises of the Company’s agents, by post or by any other means advertised by the Company. The full fare must be paid on booking. If after booking a seat the passenger cancels the booking, the fare paid will be forfeited by the Company but the Company may, at their discretion, refund the fare if they deem the circumstances giving rise to the cancellation being unavoidable. Any such refund will be subject to deduction of 20% to cover expenses incurred.

b) Tickets: Tickets are not transferable. Tickets must be retained during the whole excursion and shown on demand or the full fare paid for which there will be no refund.

c) Cancellations: The Company expects to carry out each excursion as advertised, but reserve the right without previous notice to alter or cancel any excursion at their discretion. The Company will not be liable for any loss, damage, delay, injury or inconvenience sustained by any person through alteration or departure or arrival times or through any alteration of cancellation of any part of the excursion or through failure of an vehicle to perform its journey or to depart or arrive at the times advertised or at all through any detention, delay, early running or want punctuality. No responsibility can be undertaken in respect of any passenger who may not be present at the departure of the excursion or at a preannounced time of departure from any point en route. If any excursion is cancelled any fares paid will be refunded. In the event of an excursion being cancelled the Company will not accept any claims for delay, inconvenience or loss beyond the face value of the ticket held and the repayment of the amount shown on the tickets shall be deemed a complete discharge of all claims against the Company.

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