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We are Kinchbus

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Kaptain Kinch here to tell you what we're all about here a Kinchbus. If you need to get around Loughborough and Leicester in a flash,it is me and my pals at Kinchbus will come to the rescue!

We've been proudly serving Loughborough and its fine citizens for over 20 years, and our blue and yellow buses have got brighter and more popular each year. But the Kaptain knows not to take that for granted - we need to keep on coming up with more heroic ways to make sure we give you the bus service you deserve and come back again and again.

We're spending more of our hard-earned money on new buses, new ticketing and new ways of keeping you informed - with shiny new vehicles on the way, Kinchkard the smart way to pay for travel and Kinchbus live as our up-to-the-minute way of letting you know when buses are due at your stop. That's right folks, there's always something afoot in Kinchbus universe. 



Where do we go?

Those of you who don't don a flying cape (and even those of you who do!) know the best way to fly around from our home base of Loughborough to Derby, Leicester and East Midlands Airport is on skylink, whether you're taking to the skies or just heading to work or the shops. Running 24 hours a day, it's ready when you are. Our speedy sprint will shuttle you aroundthe Loughborough Uni campus and to Loughborough town centre and the train station - great for students, shoppers and anyone wanting a faster than a speeding bullet connection between these three key points about town.


Loughborough locals love Kinchbus 5,11 and 12 - they make it super easy to get between the main estates and the town centre. And if you've got a little futher to go or your cape's in the wash, Kinchbus 2 connects the important villages at Quorn, Barrow and Sileby with Loughborough and Leicester, and the fast and direct Kinchbus 9 is your quick link to Nottingham and Trent Bridge.

Wherever you're heading, get there with a Kinchkard to save cash! Just choose your route and buy either trips days. Or you can choose to travel contactless with your contactless bank card or mobile device. Students can get unlimited travel for a year for just £363 - meaning you'll never be defeated by an empty bank account towards the end of term.

What we're about

Kinchbus is proud to be powered by local heroes - they make us who we are. Our determined drivers, engineers and the cleaners - and our powers that be behind the scenes - are all proud to be as one to keep the great people of Loughborough and beyond on the move. With 35 buses and over 75 employees, we may not be the biggest bus company in the Universe - but, by jove, we strive to be the best!

Look out for your blue and yellow local heroes... Keep moving with Loughborough's finest - keep moving with me and my heroes at Kinchbus!