1. issuer

mango products are issued by Trent Motor Traction Company Limited, trading as trentbarton.  Our registered office is at Mansfield Road, Heanor, Derbyshire. DE75 7BG.  Our company registration number is 131912.   We refer to ourselves as "trentbarton" or "we" or "us" or "our" in these terms.

2. mango user

A mango user is any individual who uses mango to travel, including the individual for whom the mango account was originally set up.  We refer to the mango user, as "you" or "your" in these terms.

3. about these terms

These terms govern the issue and use of mango and all credit on your mango account.  These terms also govern your account on the portal within the app.  These terms represent a contract between you and us with respect to your use of mango and the associated online portal and app. By possessing, purchasing or topping-up mango, and by using mango, you signify your agreement to these terms. 

4. what is mango

mango is a travel payment mechanism, issued under the brand "mango", which stores an amount of credit or is linked to a credit source. This credit may be used to pay for travel on certain public transport services, and to pay for parking and other services, as determined by us from time to time, including as detailed in these terms below.   Deductions from this credit are made whenever you use mango to pay, and are completed at the end of each day following the accumulation of transactions in that day.

5. validity period

mango and all credit on mango remain valid until two (2) years from the later of the last top-up of credit to your mango account or the last journey or other service you paid for using mango. In other words, if you do not top-up or use mango for 2 years, it will cease to be valid.  When your mango account ceases to be valid, we may block its further use, and the current credit balance on it at that time will be forfeited and cancelled, so that we will not have to pay you the monetary value of it.

6.0 queries 

6.1 mango and our services

If you wish to contact us at any time concerning mango, please contact our customer services team at:

Mansfield Road
DE75 7BG

Telephone: (01773) 712265 | E-mail: talk@mymango.travel

6.2 third party services

If you have any queries relating to any third-party travel or other third-party services paid for using mango, then you should contact that third-party service provider directly. If you contact us first, we will redirect you to them, and help you contact them.

7. adminstration fee

We retain the right to charge an administration fee for the creation of a mango account. You must pay the administration fee in full at the time of creation.  The administration fee will be that specified by us at the time of creation, and may be changed by us at any time.  As at the publication date of these terms, our administration fee is £0. In some cases, we may waive the administration fee, and this will be detailed at the time account creation.

8. letting others use your mango account 

You may not temporarily or permanently lend or give your mango account to any other individual at any time. Each mango account is specific to a particular user and cannot be shared.

9. services mango may be used for 

Credit on mango may only be used to pay for on the services detailed below, and mango may not be used to purchase anything else: -

9.1 our bus services

You may use mango to pay for travel on those of our bus services which we advertise that mango is available for. We may change the range of bus services that accept mango payments at any time and from time to time without informing you.  Some routes may be operated partly by us and partly by a third-party operator, and in such case, mango will only be available for journeys on that route provided by us unless we specifically state otherwise.  When you use mango to pay for a bus journey a separate contract of carriage comes into effect for that journey, on and subject to our conditions of carriage which are available at www.trentbarton.co.uk or on request. Where a bus service offers a 'No Quibble Money Back Guarantee', this extends to customers using mango to pay for a journey on that bus service. To obtain a refund for a journey you should contact our customer services team. The amount charged to the mango account for the journey will be re-credited to the mango account within five working days of receipt of the claim by us. Any claim must be submitted within 28days from the initial date of travel relating to that claim. Any claims submitted later than 28days, from the initial date of travel relating to that claim, will not be refunded.

9.2 car parking and other services 

You may use mango to pay for car parking and such other travel or associated services as we may enable the mango to be used for from time to time in the future.  We will specify at such time any terms governing use of mango to pay for such travel or associated services at the time such use is enabled, either by an update to these mango terms and conditions, or by general notice on our mango web page, or by e-mail, or app notification to you.  When you use mango to pay for any such car parking or other travel or associated services, a separate contract comes into effect between you and the provider of such parking or other services, on and subject to the terms and conditions of that provider, which will be available on request from the provider. You must contact the provider to obtain a copy of those terms. You acknowledge and agree that trentbarton are not party to that contract and are not liable for that contract or any parking or other services provided. Your mango contract with us solely relates to the use of credit to pay for those services. 

10. mango account (credit) balance 

10.1 legal status 

The balance on your mango account is electronic money which legally amounts to a claim you have against us for the equivalent monetary value of that credit, subject to these terms, EXCEPT THAT, where you are provided any credit for free (for instance, on a promotional deal), that credit will not be redeemable for money, and it will be assumed that that credit has been spent first when mango is used to pay for anything after the date of provision of that free credit.

10.2 validity period

Any value on your mango account will be forfeited and cancelled if your mango account ceases to be valid under section 5.

10.3 topping-up locations

You may top-up the credit on your mango account at any time through our online/app portal or by contacting our customer services team in one of our travel shops.

10.4 payment for credit

You must pay to us in cash or cleared funds the monetary equivalent of all credit which you purchase for your mango account.   We will not be obliged to issue any credit for your mango account until we receive such funds, and we may cancel any credit on your mango account if we do not receive such funds.

10.5 top-up timescales 

It may take up to twenty-four hours, from receipt of funds, for any top-up credit to reach your mango account and be usable to pay for travel.

10.6 minimums and maximums 

We may specify and change from time to time, without having to inform you, the minimum amount of credit that may be added to a mango account in a top-up and the maximum value that a mango account can hold. As at the publication date of these terms, the minimum top-up value is £10 and the maximum amount of credit the account can hold is £250.

10.7 negative balances 

We may at our discretion allow your mango account to enter a negative balance, up to such amount as we may determine, subject to such conditions as we may determine, with or without notice to you.  Where we do allow negative balances, then, if you have low credit left on your account, you will be able to take one more journey which will take your mango account credit into a negative balance.  You should then top-up your mango account as soon as possible so that you can continue to use it. As at the publication date of these terms, provided that there is at least 1p credit on the account, we allow you to go into negative balance up to the amount of one further day’s travel, but we will not allow you to go into negative balance paying for parking or any other services.  A negative balance amounts to the provision of credit to you. No interest charges will be levied against you for such credit, and you will be obliged to clear any negative balance, by topping-up your account, within 28 days of the date you made the journey that led to the negative balance. If you fail to clear a negative balance within 28 days, we reserve the right to deduct an administration charge from your account of up to £10.

10.8 fraud checks 

You acknowledge that we may ask a third-party to provide a credit/fraud report on the basis of the credit/debit card details and other personal details you provide when you pay for credit to be added to your mango account.

10.9 redemption of credit 

Provided that the credit has not been invalidated under section 5, and it is not free credit, as detailed in section 10.1, you may at any time have the credit on your mango account redeemed for the monetary equivalent you paid for that credit.  When you make a request to redeem the credit, you warrant that you were the individual who originally paid for that credit, or that you have validly been gifted or purchased that mango account and its credit from someone you know personally, and we may ask you for reasonable proof of this before providing a redemption. You may not redeem any credit on the mango account which was provided to you for free, including as part of any promotion.  We may refuse a redemption request if it is made within 90 days of a previous redemption request, unless you can demonstrate good reason for it.  We may refuse a redemption request, and freeze a mango account, if we suspect that any redemption request is being made for fraudulent purposes or in connection with any crime, until we have been able to reasonably establish with you that this is not the case, and we may report the matter to the police.  If you want to redeem any credit, please contact our customer services team, and we will aim to comply with this request within 7 days. You will be required to provide such information as we may reasonably request to support your claim. We will send you a cheque or make an electronic transfer for the monetary value of the mango account credit at the point of redemption.  We reserve the right to charge an administration fee for each redemption of credit transaction up to a value of £10. Any administration fee will be deducted from the credit being redeemed prior to it being settled.

10.10 interest

You are not entitled to any interest or any other benefit on the credit held on a mango account from time to time.

11. using mango

11.1 scan-on & scan-off

When you use mango to pay for travel, mango operates by recording your journey from the point you scan-on to the point you scan-off the service.   "scan-on" means placing your app beneath the QR code reader at the point of boarding the service, and "scan-off" means placing your app beneath the QR code reader at the point of alighting the service.   The service provider then deducts from your mango account credit equal to the amount of the applicable advertised single fare for that journey when paid for using mango.  If there is insufficient credit, then you will not be permitted to board that service using your mango , subject to section 10.7(negative Balances).   If you board without scanning-on, you may be subject to a penalty fare from the service provider, and you may be prosecuted. If you fail to "scan-off" then there will be deducted from the mango account the fare for a single journey from the point of scan-on to the final destination of that service.  If there is a fault with your mango or a QR code reading device at the time of boarding, then you will be required to purchase a separate ticket for your journey on the bus, you should not board any service until you have purchased a ticket.  If there is a fault on QR code reading device on alighting, then you may call our customer services team, and they may, depending on the circumstances, refund any over-payment to the mango account.

11.2 scan-on / scan-off on bus services

To use your mango on a bus, it must first be scanned-on at the time you board the bus. This involves placing your app beneath the QR code reader on the bus, which is normally on the ticket machine by the bus driver.  A successful scan-on will be indicated by a confirmation from the scan-on device. You must then scan-off when you alight from the bus, to record the end of your journey.   This involves placing your app beneath the QR code reader on the bus, which is normally on the ticket machine by the bus driver.  If you forget to scan-off, then you will be charged as if you had continued your journey to the final destination of the bus service.   

11.3 journey data

We record all scan-on and scan-off data concerning journeys on mango, including date, time, service, stop and fare.  Where such data relates to a third-party service, we may share that data with the provider of that service. We keep a record of all journey data for at least 2 years, or such longer period as we may decide in our discretion.

12 fares

12.1 set by service provider

All fares paid for using mango are set by the provider of the service on which you are travelling, and you should consult the applicable published tariffs from the provider in question.   We, as mango account issuer, are not responsible for those fares, and you agree that there may be deducted from your mango account such fare as is charged from time to time by the service provider.  If the service provider deducts too low a fare, the balance may at any later time be deducted from your mango account.  If an incorrect fare is deducted which is too high, you must obtain a refund directly from the service provider, and we, as mango account issuer, will not be obliged to provide a refund to you.

12.2 caps

The service provider may from time to time specify a maximum cap to apply for all journeys undertaken by you using your mango in a day, week or other period, and/or in a geographical area or on a particular route.   These caps are separate per service provider, so that journeys with one service provider will not necessarily count towards journeys with another service provider. 

13. mango account

13.1 description

Within the mango app you may register an account in your name. Any account registered is specific to the user and cannot be shared with multiple people.

13.2 functionality

Your mango account will enable you to, register an existing MANGO card, review the credit balance on your mango account, top-up your mango account, and review recent journeys which you have taken using mango. 

13.3 log-in details

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username and password ("Login Details") for your mango account and for preventing unauthorised access to your mango account.  You must keep your Login Details secret and take all reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorised or fraudulent use of them.  You must not disclose your Login Details to any other person or record your Login Details in any way that may result in them becoming known to another person.  You agree that you are responsible for and answerable for all activities that occur within your mango account through your Log-In Details, unless trentbarton are proved to be at fault.  You should inform us immediately if you have any reason to believe that your Login Details have become known to anyone else, or if the Login Details are being, or are likely to be, used in an unauthorised manner.

14. lost, stollen or damaged 

If your device on which your mango account is registered lost, stolen or damaged, you must advise our customer services team immediately (contact details above). Your mango account will then first be frozen within our systems, as a precautionary measure.  You will be liable for all use made of, and credit spent using your mango account, until midnight on the day it is reported to us.  We may ask you for reasonable information to support your claim, including proof of your identity and address, evidence to support that you are the valid account holder, and details of the circumstances of loss, theft or damage.   On receipt of the above, and subject to our reasonably being satisfied that the claim is genuine, we will unfreeze your account and allow access to sign in on another device.  In making any claim, you warrant that your claim is a genuine one.  An administration charge may be payable by you for any requirement for a new account, which we may deduct from the credit balance on the transferring account.

15. variation of these terms 

We may at any time unilaterally vary these terms (including by adding, removing or changing any terms) and the functionality of our mango account, in any way at our sole discretion, provided that no such variation will materially and unreasonably adversely affect your rights under these terms to redeem any credit on your mango account for its monetary value.  We may give notice of such change on our mango webpage or in your mango account.  If we have your contact details, we may also inform you of any such change by such method as we may reasonably decide.  We will specify details of the terms changed, and the date on which the change will be effective.  If we do not have your contact details, or we have incorrect contact details, then you will be deemed to have accepted the change when it is implemented by us, and we will not be required to notify you of it.

16. termination

16.1 general right

We may stop your mango account and terminate your right to use mango or your mango account at any time for any reason without having to give you prior warning.  In such case, if we have your contact details, we will inform you of this as soon as possible with our reasons.  In any other case, we may prevent further use or top-up of the mango account, but will, permit you to request a redemption of the credit balance under section 10.9, subject to the terms of that section.

16.2 improper behaviour

If any funds paid to us for any credit on a mango account are claimed back from us from any payment provider, or we have reasonable grounds to suspect that, or receive any allegation that, mango is being used for the purposes of or in connection with any crime, money laundering or terrorism, or that any credit has been paid for using the proceeds of a fraud, proceeds of crime, or stolen money,  , we may freeze the mango account immediately, and block its further use and any redemption of the credit, until we have been able to resolve the position with you and reasonably establish with you that this is not the case. 

17. data protection notice

17.1 data we collect

For the purpose of mango and your mango account we collect the following personal data: -

(a) Name
(b) Address
(c) Date of Birth
(d) Contact details including telephone number and email address
(e) Card and payment details
(f) Usage information including journeys and top-ups made.

17.2 data controller 

We act as data controllers for such personal data, as defined under the General Data Protection Regulations (2018). Complying with our obligations and processing your personal data according to the law is important to us.

17.3 how do we collect your personal data?

We collect your personal data principally as follows: -

(a) some is generated by our systems when you use mango, e.g. on issue, top-up, scan-on and scan-off;

(b) some is collected from third parties when we do any verification, fraud or other checks;

(c) some is collected from you when you register for our online portal;

(d) some is collected from you when you contact us for any reason, including for redemptions,

To ensure that we follow your instructions correctly and to improve our customer service, we may also monitor and / or record any communication between you and us.

17.4 how do we use the personal data we collect?

We use your personal data: -

(a) to provide you with mango and your mango account, and the payment services enabled by the mango account;

(b) for the on-going administration of mango and mango account;

(c) to allow us to improve the products and services we offer to our customers;

(d) for research and statistical analysis including travel patterns;

(e) to enable us to conduct surveys;

(f) for the prevention and detection of crime and fare evasion

(g) to enable us to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations;

(h) to perform our contracts with third party travel providers who accept mango credit as payment on their services;

(i) to send you marketing information concerning our services and third-party goods and services, subject to obtaining any consents from you required by law.  If you do not wish to receive such marketing information from us you may choose not to do so by telephoning, writing to or emailing us at the address stated in section 6(queries) above. If you wish to receive such information now but change your mind later, you may tell us by contacting us in the same way.

17.5 how we will contact you?

This may be by post, email, telephone, text messaging to SMS enabled devices, or in app notifications depending on the information you have provided to us.

17.6 when do we disclose your information to third parties, and why?

We will only disclose your information to other parties in the following limited circumstances:

(a) Where we are legally obliged to do so, e.g. to law enforcement and regulatory authorities.

(b) Where there is a duty to disclose in the public interest.

(c) Where disclosure is necessary to protect our interests or those of any other service provider you travel on e.g. to prevent or detect crime or fare evasion.

(d) We may disclose your personal data to any person who is processing that personal data on our behalf as a service to us.  In such case it will only be used for the purposes of that service to us. Any data which is held, is stored on secure servers within the E.U. If at any point any data is required to be stored or transferred out of the E.U., we will always ensure that any such data is only ever transmitted or stored in a way which meets all of our obligations in terms of data security under the General Data Protection Regulations

(e) Subject to obtaining any consents from you required by law, we may pass your information to selected third parties for them to send you offers relating to their products and services;

(f) We may disclose data concerning you and your usage of mango to pay for a third party service, to the provider of the third party service, for them to use for similar purposes as detailed in this clause 17.   That third-party provider, if they have your identity information, will write to you separately with respect to their data protection notice, as they will be data controller in their own right.

(g) Subject to obtaining any consents from you required by law, we may disclose data concerning your identity, address and contact details, to the provider of a third party service on which you travel using mango, which they may use to communicate with you and send you marketing information concerning their services. That third-party provider, will write to you separately with respect to their data protection notice, as they will be data controller in their own right for such data.

(h) Where you otherwise give us permission to do so, e.g. on an application form.

17.7  how long do we keep your personal data?

We will retain your information for as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose(s) above, and in accordance with the law.  This may be for at least 5 years from first registration.

If at any point you wish for your personal data to be removed from our systems, your mango account will need to be cancelled by our Customer Services team; who can be contacted at talk@mymango.travel

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