Kinchbus is first with contactless cloud fares

* Our Kontactless trial comes to an end on 31 December 2017 and customers will no longer be able to use contactless as a payment method on Kinchbus *


50 Kinchbus and skylink customers will trial the UK’s first cloud-based contactless payment system that guarantees the best fare on every trip.

By simply tapping their contactless cards when they get on and off the bus, customers’ accounts will be charged overnight with the cheapest possible fare for their exact journeys. Customers can check what they’ve paid via an app or our secure website.

During the trial volunteers will be able to use their contactless debit or credit cards (initially, Visa branded only) to make contactless payments on:

Kinchbus 2 linking Loughborough, Charnwood villages and Leicester

• Then Kinchbus 9 between Loughborough and Nottingham

• And the skylink route linking Derby, Loughborough and Leicester with East Midlands Airport.

Each person taking part in the trial will be given additional discounts on their bus travel for providing feedback on the new system.



Alex Kerr, general manager at Kinchbus, said: “We believe this is the first of its kind on buses in the UK. It’s as simple as touch on, touch off, and the system works out the best value travel for our customers.

Whilst some contactless trials elsewhere have used standard card readers for buying fixed fares and tickets, we are going the extra mile with contactless touch-on, touch-off, as it’s a quick, convenient method of paying for everyday transactions such as bus fares.

Customers won’t need to remember to have cash or to pre-select a ticket – the best value fare will be worked out for them based on their precise journeys each day.”

Two university students have already been road-testing the contactless payments. One is Nipunika Silva, 20, a natural sciences student at the University of Leicester, who said: “It’s an easy way to pay. You don’t have to have sufficient change or go to an ATM or fish around in your bag. If you’re in a rush to catch the bus, then it’s a great way to pay. Since I started the test I no longer pay in any other way.”

Alex said: “Testing has gone very well so far. Once we have run the trial we will be able to see if it is a popular success. If customers love paying with contactless cards, we can consider whether we should roll it out further.”

A UK Cards Association spokeswoman said: “Bringing contactless payments to buses in this trial will make travel more convenient for passengers, who will be able to use the bank card already in their pockets to pay their fare.”

Alexander Peschkoff, CEO of TEDIPAY, the company that provides that game-changing smart ticketing solution, said: “Bus fares are an ideal purchase for contactless payments. Kinchbus is a pioneering partner working with us to bring the benefits to their customers.”